Biography of the Secretary General of the VNPP

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Mr. Nguyen CongBang was born in 1955 to a native family in Kien-Giang, a province of South Vietnam. In 1973, he joined and served in the Republic of Vietnam Army until the end of the war.

In 1976, after the Communists seized control of South Vietnam, he formed an anti-communist group and actively campaigned to free Vietnam until he was arrested in 1977 and sent to a labor camp without a formal court. He escaped from the labor camp in 1978 and sought political refuge in the United States. He finally settled in Texas in 1979 and continued his unfinished campaigns. 

Since then, he devoted his life to several activities.

In the '80, he published a magazine called Hanh-Trang to campaign for a free Vietnam, forming a Vietnamese Youth Organization, and supporting and collaborating with several freedom fighter groups worldwide.

In 1990, he returned to Vietnam for the first time to observe the political situation and living standard of his homeland. 

In 1991, he collaborated with the Vietnamese People's Party (Đảng Nhân Dân Việt Nam) and Lien-Viet Coalition (Liên Minh Hùng-Gia Đại-Việt), launched a peaceful campaign for fair settlements for disputed-land cases with local authorities in rural areas.

In 1992, he founded the Social Assistance Program for Vietnam ( a.k.a. Green Cross, a humanitarian program specialized in orthopedic surgeries for the handicapped children, and helping needy people throughout Vietnam. 

In 1994, he was detained for 53 days in Hochiminh City for a false accusation of "Underground Anti-Government Plan". 

In 1998, he joined the "Vietnam Coalition Party" and was elected as Head of Overseas Chapter, also was appointed to the post of Vice-President of the Executive Board. He serve the post until 2003 and left the organization in March 2004 due to disagreements of policies.

One of his recent contributions was co-founding the Vietnam Populist Party (VPP) aka. "For the People Party" in 2006, an organization campaigns mainly for a Free & Fair General Election in Vietnam, as well as promoting democracy and human rights through non-violent efforts. Vietnam Populist Party has been known as a dedicated pro-democracy advocate organization guided with the New Vietnam Platform -- an elaborate and systematic plan of actions; aims to establish a multi-party system in Vietnam, including a constructive proposal for a desired government of Vietnam.

Currently, Mr. Nguyen CongBang is in charge of the Liaison Office based in Houston, Texas and acts as the Secretary General of the Vietnam Populist Party.

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