Basic information the Vietnam Populist Party

Service Contribution

Published Date Written by The Liaison Office


We welcome anyone who is willing to get involved with the efforts of restoring democracy and human rights in Vietnam.  Your participation in any levels is appreciated.

Here are some tasks you could lend a helping hand:

  • Translate articles from Vietnamese to English, or English to Vietnamese.
  • Proof-read and revise English drafts.
  • Download Radio Hoa-Mai programs and distribute to your Vietnamese friends or co-workers.
  • Download Hoa-Mai Newsletters, print them and distribute to your Vietnamese friends or co-workers.
  • Introduce the Vietnam Populist Party (VPP) to people who are concerned about Vietnam.
  • Introduce to VPP your Vietnamese friends or co-workers who are willing to participate to our organization or support it.
  • Sponsor printing cost for newspapers publications.
  • And whatever you think that could be helpful for VPP.
  • If you could give us a helping hand, please contact us for more information.

    Thank you for your kind concern and support.

    The Liaison Office of VPP.



    We do need some supports in Information Technology field from time to time.

    It is really helpful if you could lend a helping hand in following tasks:

    • Technical Consulting
    • Web Codes Consulting


    We may need help in other tasks and fields. Please visit this page again for more information. Thank you.

    2011 Vietnam Populist Party (VNPP) - Service Contribution.
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