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Platform for a New Vietnam

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Platform for a New Vietnam

Following are suggestions for future national policies when the elected government has been successfully formed.


  • New society must be built based on the basis of fully respecting people"s interests and human rights accords. All national policies should aim to serve people, especially the poor, children and elderly.

  • All national development plans should put people"s interests as first priority. Unnecessary expenses must be trimmed to help funding public schools, hospitals and public facilities.

  • Public welfare programs should be implemented immediately and effectively to assure people"s benefits.

  • Government should always develop social welfare programs to help people helping themselves; to quickly reduce poverty and social injustice.

  • Government, including Armed Forces and Police Forces should be constitutionally formed to only serve the interests of the nation and people. No parties or any form of alliances has the right to use those human resources and facilities for other purposes.

  • Government fully respect the rights of exercising freedom rights allowed by Constitution and laws. No party, including party has majority in charge of governing, has the rights to make any forms of harassments, or limit people"s rights to exercise their constitutional freedoms.

  • Rename provinces, towns, cities, and villages to proper Vietnamese language. 


  • Reform Armed Forces to be a high capacity and movable to ensure nation security as well as able to reduce personnel to minimal level.

  • Form an effective Army Reserved to ensure security in peace time and highly dependable when needed.

  • Building new national highway along Laos-Vietnam and Kampuchea-Vietnam borders. The highway would also encourage people for relocating to new places, reducing over populated areas.


  • Vietnam should have two paralleled economic systems. The Agriculture (Farming) and light industrial systems are to provide basic food supplies and jobs for vast laborers. The high-tech and heavy industries are to build and help develop the country into a higher international market level.

  • Immediately and seriously, invest into infrastructures such as roads, railways, seaports, airports, water and electric supply sources as well as tale-communication systems; to encourage foreign investments.

  • All national economic plans should be planned according to actual capacities and needs of all regions, to provide jobs for laborers and chances to improve the lives of the people.

  • Form "National Economic Research Institutes" to study world and regional economic trends, to give useful and correct advice to related government"s offices on economic planning"s; also helping domestic entrepreneurs, investors in making right business decisions.

  • Provide special supports domestic production industries in banking, production tax and technical resources. Lower tax to help domestic businesses compete with imported goods.

  • Provide special tax-break for regions, provinces, districts that have fewer natural resources, to attract investments and jobs opportunities for local communities. Also, build vocational schools at each province to help training local laborers to higher levels of skills.

  • Provide Easy Payments Programs on low cost fertilizers and seeds supplies. Provide technical and specialized supports to farmers for better plantings and productions.

  • Build Business Administrative Schools and Community Colleges in Business and Technology, to improve technicians" skills at provincial level, to respond to investment requirements.

  • Establish suitable Investment laws according to international business manners and needs.

  • Practice promptly with copyrights laws to assure world markets

  • Seriously prohibit and punish all acts of faking goods, goods smuggling and illegal price hiking.

  • Seriously prohibit and punish all acts of violations of labor laws.


  • Establish cultural policies, which encourage cultural activities in the country as well as overseas Vietnamese communities.

  • Restore the nation"s heritage, traditional customs and cultural activities in all forms of national media.

  • Republish all cultural works, pieces of cultural arts; funding cultural research programs to help restoring cultural base to society.

  • Encourage and reward new cultural works to enrich national culture.

  • Strictly prohibit all forms of encouragement in counter-cultural activities, sexual solicit, violence.


  • Immediately invest into national education programs in all forms, to raise popular literate level.

  • Forced education to High School level for all children to assure standard life achievement.

  • Provide public schools to college level, with scholarship programs

  • Provide popular educational programs on all public media, to help enrich people"s knowledge

  • Provide suitable chances for higher educated groups, to encourage contributions to public benefits.

  • Provide special benefits to teachers, especially who serve in rural areas.


  • Provide public welfare programs to needy people. Support charitable organizations and activities to help unfortunate people.

  • Form special programs to help women with family needs, especially to ensure equal rights in social life.

  • Support charitable programs for the elderly

  • Form vocational training schools to suite needs in communities, including in prisons.

  • Strictly punish all forms of sexual misconducts, especially to foreigners and local accomplished convicted.


  • Provide public health care services and facilities to needy people, from city to village level.

  • Provide special benefits to public health care personnel.

  • Promote Prevention Health care Programs on public media.

  • Promote public awareness to environment issues and threats, especially in industrial areas.


  • Immediately restore freedom of religion and all lawful religious activities.

  • Support and cooperate with religious establishments in public benefits programs.

  • Support religious training programs


  • Restore human rights and equal rights to all minority groups.

  • Support ethnic cultural, vocational training and educational programs.

  • Encourage interchange social programs between minority groups and majority society, promoting mutual understanding and cooperation in democratization and developing processes.

Highlights of Key Policies


Vietnam"s sovereignty should be independent and respected. New elected government of Vietnam should re-evaluate and reconsider all accords, treaties, conventions signed by previous governments, especially those might pose contradicted to Vietnam"s interests.

Vietnam should be an independent country. Government of Vietnam should respect all diplomatic relationships with others countries and keeps Vietnam in neutral position on all international disputes. Vietnam would take no side.
Vietnam should build mutual respect and cooperation with other countries in economic field.

Overseas Vietnamese Communities are part of Vietnamese people and should be respectably offered equal rights as if they are still holding a native Vietnamese nationality.

Overseas Vietnamese should have their rights of participating in Vietnam election as voters as long as they agreed to respect Vietnam's up coming newly formed Constitution.

International Non Governmental Organizations should be supported to conduct humanitarian projects in Vietnam.

Promote "City Friendship" programs to other cities around the world, to promote mutual understanding and cooperation in many ways allowed by laws.

2011 Vietnam Populist Party (VNPP) - Platform for a New Vietnam .
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