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Introduction of the New Vietnam Platform

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New Vietnam Platform is a proposal aimed to resolve current major issues of Vietnam and help developing the country in the future once it become a democratic nation.

The platform is based on a proposals of the New Vietnam Platform, which was originally written by Mr. Nguyen CongBang in Vietnamese and introduced to the public in January 2005 for comments and suggestions. In December of 2005, the draft was formally recognized as the New Vietnam Platform.

In January 2006, the Vietnam Populist Party (VPP) addopted New Vietnam Platform as its main political platform.

1.  Preamble of the New Vietnam Platform

Recognizing the needs of a new political platform to resolve the current primary issues in Vietnam.

2.  Roadmap to Democracy

The VPP's Roadmap to Democracy offers two roadmap proposals, based on two different scenarios:

1. Roadmap #1: In case the Vietnamese Communist Party is still in power.

2. Roadmap #2: In case the regime collapsed due to sudden political incidents or popular uprising.

3.  Policy for Transitional Period

In order to help stablize the society during the transitional period, VPP offers tentative plans to prevent bloodshed and crisis. The priority of each policy will depend on actual capability of the interim government and new elected government thereafter.

4.  Platform for a New Vietnam

VPP's suggestions for future national policies when the elected government has been successfully formed.


2011 Vietnam Populist Party (VNPP) - Introduction of the New Vietnam Platform.
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