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Policy for Transitional Period

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Policy for Transitional Period

In order to help stablize the society during the transitional period, VPP offers tentative plans to prevent bloodshed and crisis. The priority of each policy will depend on actual capability of the interim government and new elected government thereafter.


  1. Officially, campaign to reclaim the portions of land and sea taken by the People Republic of China, namely the Paracel and Spratly islands.
  2. Recognize and offer national formal awards to all individuals and organizations that have been dedicated and working to restore democracy and human rights in Vietnam.
  3. Recognize and offer supports to families that had members sacrificed during the war against foreign invasions, and all freedom fighters who were killed or imprisoned.
  4. Strick prohibit and punish all forms of revenge acts.
  5. Release immediately and un conditionally all political prisoners of any forms and levels.
  6. Cancel all laws and degrees that violated human rights and basic freedom rights, especially those against the freedom of religion and freedom of speech.
  7. Establish emergency relief programs and long term support programs for poor working class family.
  8. Building new schools, hospitals and local medical clinics to fill desperate demands.
  9. Establish Support Programs for war veterans' family members and handicapped veterans of all sides.
  10. Reclaim all public lands, properties and treasures, which were illegally used or confiscated by any government offices.
  11. Immediately process complaints about private lands and properties, which were illegally used or confiscated by SRV government.
  12. Reduce sentences of first time convicted prisoners (except 1st degree murderers and heroin trafficking convictions).
  13. Rebuild and reestablish national cemeteries fof all sides.
  14. Seriously prohibit and punish drug trafficking and using, illegal practice of un-common religious activities, and prostitutions.
  15. Resolve immediately environment violations, especially in the residential areas and commercial zones.
  16. Setup public media centers throughout nation for distributing needed information to the people.


  1. Re-establishment of Diplomatic relations with all friendly countries of Vietnam.
  2. Reconsidering all unfair accords signed by the government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV) with other countries.
  3. Reclaim overseas properties owned by the Republic of Vietnam government.
  4. Reconsidering all all unfair contracts signed with foreign firms.
  5. Immediately and unconditionally, process all Americans and Alliance Forces's MIAs files.
  6. Process complaints about previous owned propoerties by foreign firms.

* Above list of immediate policies are suject to further addition.
2011 Vietnam Populist Party (VNPP) - Policy for Transitional Period.
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