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Preamble of the New Vietnam Platform

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Vietnam is a nation with a long and proud history. Its unique culture has inspired hundreds of Vietnamese generations throughout thousands of years. However, the nation had been crumbled since the intervention of influences introduced by the West.

Moreover, the conflicts of Communism and Capitalism that collided in the peak of Vietnam War had pulled the whole country of Vietnam into a 20 years long crisis. The war caused much bloodshed, taking the lives of over three million people on both sides, plus almost 60,000 lives of the South Vietnam regime?s Alliance Forces members.

On April 30th, 1975, the Communists from North Vietnam successfully invaded the South, overthrown the Republic of Vietnam government and established a newly government of Vietnam, which is called "Socialist Republic of Vietnam".

However the Communist regime had wasted several chances to unit people of the whole as well as rebuilding the country after the war. After more than a decade of practicing the so-called "socialist economic system", the whole country had become one of the poorest countries in the world. At the same time, due to regime discriminating policies, millions of people have escaped the country seeking freedom elsewhere in other countries.

Now a day, over 30 years after the end of the war, Vietnam is still struggling to improve and millions of its people are still against poverty, social injustice and political oppressions. In the meanwhile, officials and their family members are making huge fortunes out of corruptions and openly abusing their power. This situation has caused several high ranking Communist party members to raise their voices against the government of their own.

To this day, the Communist Party of Vietnam has shown no signs of changing policies to reflect people wills as well as demands from international human rights groups. It has also despite repeated calls from Overseas Vietnamese Communities in consideration of restoring freedom, democracy and basic human rights into society. In facts, the regime is still seriously oppressing opposition political dissidents and religious leaders. As a member of United Nations, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has never honored the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted and proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1948.

Differences are widening over how to democratize Vietnam. Communist regime claims that they should maintain country leadership to keep the nation stabled, for continuing its improvements on economy. On the other hand, several countries and Vietnamese opposition leaders are calling the Communist regime to push forward its renovation policies, especially to fully respect human rights and people's wills as well.

The situation in Vietnam is ripening for a big change. Of course, it will not be a chance for overthrowing the current government, a coup d'etat, or even a general people uprising. Those ways are not only infeasible but are also too dangerous. People want to have a good democratic government no matter who would be in charge, at least at the coming transition period.

Therefore, the Vietnamese people must find their ways to change the situation in Vietnam. Since 1975, several people and organizations have tried their best to free Vietnam from Communist rule but beside the strong anti-communism attitude, their efforts have shown limited effects in changing the situation in Vietnam.

For over ten years, Vietnam has changed a lot as well as the Communist Party and many of its members. However, these changes are not enough to drive Vietnam away from poverty, dictatorship, corruption and several social threats. The only encouraging thing is that now we could tell what the good, the bad and the ugly are in Vietnam. However, how to solve the problems is still a big question since the non-communist side is not ready to be a significant force in changing their country. The experienced generations are fading away and the younger ones are not prepared for their duties at all, whether they are in or outside of Vietnam. Furthermore, the international communities also have had no choice but to cooperate with the Communist government for their business and mutual ties in several fields.

Thus, the best and feasible solution for Vietnam is to somehow push the VCP accepts a policy that non-communist individuals and dissidents able to be candidates of the next constitutional Congress. With their presence, voice, efforts and the support from overseas communities and international communities, Vietnam national policies may be reformed and made, to peacefully convert Vietnam into a free society. That is a way to prevent a possible bloodshed or crisis, which might destroy whatever people currently have. The peaceful transition also could help to keep Vietnam stabilized and be ready for a process of developing.

In short, the single party government system has caused most of the problems. In order to resolve social crisis, the governing system needs to be transformed into a multiple party system, which offers oppositions to pressure for policy changings when needed.—


2011 Vietnam Populist Party (VNPP) - Preamble of the New Vietnam Platform.
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