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Editor's Choice Articles introducing articles related to world democratization process.

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Reform in Burma Isn’t Unraveling (Yet), But Our Narrative About It Sure Is 31 March 2014 Written by Jay Ulfelder
The End of the Honeymoon -- What next in Myanmar? 28 January 2014 Written by Derek Tonkin
Shoots of hope for Vietnamese democracy 13 December 2013 Written by Hai Hong Nguyen, UQ
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi - The Iconic Politician Faces Uncertain Times 03 December 2013 Written by Derek Tonkin
Saigon: Abuse of "democratic freedoms ", 15 months in prison for Vietnamese activist 30 October 2013 Written by Paul N. Hung
Constitutional Change in Myanmar: The Western Interventionist Dilemma 30 October 2013 Written by Derek Tonkin
The Move Toward Democracy: Will Vietnam Be Next? 24 September 2013 Written by News Analysis, Thi Quang Lam
Visions of a democratic Vietnam 30 August 2013 Written by Dr. Khanh Vu Duc
Big Mac Won't Satisfy Vietnamese Desire for Human Rights 24 July 2013 Written by Andrew Lam
EU Sanctions against Myanmar 1988 - 2013: Rest In Peace 26 April 2013 Written by Derek Tonkin
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