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Introduction of the Vietnam Populist Party

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Introduction of the Vietnam Populist Party

Vietnam Populist Party (VPP) is a grass root political organization, which is mainly active in Vietnam. The VPP was initially established on January 01, 2006 by pro-democracy groups in the country and abroad, based on the New Vietnam Platform.

Our united network of dedicated Vietnamese compatriots is committed to promote human rights, democracy, and the social development of Vietnam. We also share the common ideals of how to reform Vietnam and serve its people in the future.

Our immediate goal is A Free and Fair General Election in Vietnam, with the supervision of international human rights organizations, to establish a multi-party democratic political system for Vietnam.

Our legitimate goal is to help build a new nation of Vietnam that offers peace, liberty, prosperity, and progressives.

Principle Priorities:

We advocate and support the following important priorities:

1. Campaigning for the People’s basic freedoms.

2. Campaigning for a Free and Fair General National Election.

3. Forming a multi-party government system.

4. Reconsiderating unjust treaties signed by the Communist government of Vietnam with foreign countries or firms.

5. Ending all forms of discrimination against the ethnic minorities in Vietnam.

6. Tracing and retrieving all national treasures, which have been misallocated by the corrupted government.

7. Improving the living standards of the mass.

Active Programs:

Our current main active campaigns are:

1. Initiating momentums among the mass, to prepare for the democratization process.

2. Building a strong political coalition that is capable of adapting and keeping control under any political circumstance.

3. Supporting victims of corruptions, power abuse, and human rights violations, and to file formal complaints and raise public awareness.

4. Circulating the VPP’s official newsletters in Vietnam, aiming to educate working class people in the human rights campaign.

5. Broadcasting Hoa-Mai Radio programs via short-wave  radio signals into Vietnam every Thursday and Saturday, and via the Internet webcast programs to rally support for the human rights campaign.

6. Supporting and operating charitable activities to help relieve the hardship of the needy in Vietnam.


Campaign Methodology

Our campaign methodology is to build the power of the mass by uniting the oppressed and victimized people. We also call for participation and support from government, police, and military personnel. We believe the power of the people will triumph over tyranny.

We also believe in the right of people’s self-determination. We strongly assert that Vietnamese people must solve Vietnamese problems by its self-determination rights. However we do respect international support in the form of respecting Vietnam's sovereignty.

We intend to transform the government mechanisms, including military and police forces, to their lawful position, instead of disassembling the whole government system and building a new one from the ground up. This will help reduce crisis during the transitional period and utilize the current workforces. The only mechanism needed to disengage is the Communist cells planted in all of branches of government.

In whole, we aim to initiate a political change by non-violent methods, to transform Vietnam from a single-party regime to a true democratic government.


About the leadership

The VNP’s leaders consists of young and middle-aged human-rights advocates. Many of whom have been active since 1975.

Due to security reasons, VNP’s Coordinating Committee has withheld the names and locations of most of its officers, pending for an open and formal party convention in Vietnam.

At this time, the Liaison Office located in Houston (Texas) is the only formal office open to the public for direct contact. All requests to contact the Representatives in Vietnam could be granted upon request.

The formal leadership establishment of the organization is pending upon a party convention that is expected to be organized in Vietnam, when it becomes possible.


Office of Representative

Our Liaison Office is located in Houston (Texas) and run by the staff of the Coordinating Committee. Many members of the group have been known for their dedication to peacefully campaigning democracy and human rights for Vietnam.

Cooperating with the Liaison Office are Associate Members from different countries, including Vietnam, who are willing to give a helping hand to the good-cause and people's goodwill. Due to security issues in Vietnam, leaders and members of the party in Vietnam are advised to keep their identities confidential from the public, unless otherwise considered. In the meantime, the party has assigned the Chief of Liaison Office, Mr. Nguyen Cong Bang, a dedicated human rights advocate who has been active since 1976, acts as its General Secretary. (See Mr. Nguyen's Biography)

Mr. Nguyen Cong Bang can be reached by his direct line at 713-401-4135 or via his email address at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our Message

VPP sincerely welcomes your comments, suggestions, and constructive ideas based on mutual respect. As a famous proverb articulates: "A thousand-mile journey begins with one step,"  we have stepped forward. May we invite you to join the journey of democratization and development of Vietnam?

Working together, we can build a new country of Vietnam.

May God bless you and your family!

The Liaison Office of VPP


2011 Vietnam Populist Party (VNPP) - Introduction of the Vietnam Populist Party.
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