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General Policy of the VNPP

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Vietnam Populist Party (VPP) is the opposition party to the ruling Vietnamese Communist Party.

The organization advocates a non-violent campaign for democracy, freedoms, social justice, and welfare for the poor.  


VPP's Standpoints

1. We do not accept the monopolistic leadership of Vietnamese Communist Party.

2. We do not collaborate with the Vietnamese Communist Party to share political power.

3. We do not seek political solutions imposed by foreign countries.

4. We do not resort to violence as the means for our campaigns.

5. We do not encourage retaliating Communist officials when regime changed.  

VPP's policies

1. Concentrating to activities conducted inside Vietnam.

2. Initiating “Love to conquer hatred” as our motto (to resolve Vietnam War remaining conflicts).

3. Initiating the power of the mass as our weapon (to restore democracy).Use non-violent means as our ways (to campaign for human rights).

4. Initiating goodwill of the people as our guidelines (in establishing policies). 

Our Commitment

We committed ourselves to:

1. help resolve current crisis in Vietnam.

2. prevent unexpected crisis that might lead Vietnam into a civil war.

3. endure hardships in realizing our platform.

4. respect and utilize all forms of contribution.

5. reconcile and unite among Vietnamese.

6. help guide Vietnam into a better future for all. 

Our Roadmap

Our Platform is an elaborate and systematic plan of action, includes two schemes, and aimed at two main goals:

Scheme #1: Aimed to form a multi-party government; by campaigning for A Free and Fair Election in Vietnam. Our "Road Map to Democracy for Vietnam" is a proposal of political solutions for Vietnam, based on non-violent campaigns. The VPP's Road Map to Democracy offers solutions for how to democratize the country under two scenarios:

     -  The Vietnamese Communist Party is still in power.

     -  The regime collapsed due to sudden political incidents or popular uprising.

The Road Map also offers tentative plans for transitional period, aimed to prevent bloodshed and social crisis.

Scheme #2: Aimed to restore democracy, liberty, and build prosperity and progressives for Vietnam.  

Vietnam Populist Party welcomes any participation, co-operation or support from any groups of people; regardless of ethnicity, religions, level of education, social class or past activities; including current Vietnamese Communist Party members who have a democratic and progressive frame of mind.

2011 Vietnam Populist Party (VNPP) - General Policy of the VNPP.
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