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Mission Statement of the Vietnam Populist Party

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Since humankind has developed their civilization and technology, people should have been living in freedom, equality and harmony.

Over 4,000 years of history, Vietnamese people have been successfully struggling against hostile nature and invasions. Therefore, Vietnam has won its place in the world community.

However, instead of rebuilding the country after the war, Vietnamese Communist Party had led the country into a state of crisis in the first fifteen years since 1975.   The "Socialist Economic System" had also turned people's lives into a miserable situation. The "renovation policy" introduced in 1986 reduced poverty level, but due to the corrupted and injustice system, it has widened the gap between the rich and the poor. Moreover, the Communist Party of Vietnam (VCP) has rejected people's aspirations for a free and democratic society. Therefore, the changes in "economic reform" are only tactical, and the single-party government system is still lethal to people and the nation of Vietnam.

Because of that, we hereby commit ourselves to campaign for political change in Vietnam, by promoting a peaceful democratization process to restore freedom and human rights, and to restore people's rights in deciding the future of their country.

In order to build steady genuine freedom and democracy in Vietnam, we will strongly campaign for a new country of Vietnam, with following leading ideals until the main goal is prevailed.

Our twelve principles are:

1.     We affirm that, the sovereignty of Vietnam belongs to Vietnamese People. Thus, the people of Vietnam by the rights of self-determination should decide all political decisions regarding the nation of Vietnam. Both individuals, organization nor political party has the rights to sign any accords, agreements that violate the sovereignty and national interests of Vietnam.

2.     We affirm that, the self-determination rights of Vietnamese people should be fully respected in the process of democratization of Vietnam. Any act that contradicts this principle would be considered as a violation of the sovereignty and interests of Vietnam. We believe that Vietnam should be always a neutral country, and be friendly with people and governments of all countries.

3.     We believe that it is time to put away conflicts of the past, and discuss about a possibility of democratizing the country. It is also time to seek for reconciliation that is needed to speed up the process of unity among Vietnamese.

4.     We believe A Free and Fair National Election is the best solution to resolve remaining national issues of Vietnam. The chances of participating should be offered to all prominent individuals and factions, which have been actively campaigning for human rights in Vietnam.

5.     We believe human rights organizations from all countries can be participated in the monitoring committee for the coming Free and Fair National Election in Vietnam.

6.     We believe that the prominent religious leaders in Vietnam should represent Vietnamese people to initiate a meeting with leaders of Vietnamese Communist Party, to discuss about conditions and possible procedures of a direct and open dialogue, to seek a feasible political solution for Vietnam.

7.     We believe that the prominent opposition leaders and human rights dissidents in Vietnam should be accepted as formal candidates for the coming General National Elections. We also believe that the future leaders of Vietnam should be who have been lived and actively campaigning for democracy and human rights inside Vietnam.

8.     We believe that all social welfare and humanitarian programs for the needy in Vietnam should be supported to improve people's living conditions, as long as those are guaranteed of fairly contributions.

9.     We believe that people are primary elements of the society and do have their rights to manage its courses. Therefore, people's interests and benefits should be considered as the primary goals in all national policies. The public welfare programs should aim to the poor families as the first priority.

10.   We believe that religions play an important role in people's lives. Therefore, Freedom of Religion should be fully respected, and the government should support humanitarian programs run by religious groups as well.

11.    We want to call the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party to respond to the people's aspiration for democracy and prosperity. It is also called to compromise with religious leaders in Vietnam on the process of democratization and developments of Vietnam.

12.   We strongly support the calls for unity, peace, democracy and prosperity from all respectful humans-rights activists in Vietnam. We will do our best to help realize the principles of these calls.

With the above mission statement, we want to offer friendship to anyone and governments, who share our views and would cooperate with human rights organizations, to form suitable political solutions to help Vietnam be a free country, and set a complete and lasting peace in the Indochina.

We claim full responsibility for the promotion of this policy and call for the support from all Vietnamese Media and international ones, governments and any other freedom worshippers in the world as well.

Everyone who wants to be part of this movement is more than welcome to join us on an equal base, despite whatever they have been part of before.

Declared by the Vietnam Populist Party on January 01, 2006

2011 Vietnam Populist Party (VNPP) - Mission Statement of the Vietnam Populist Party.
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