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Selected news about the process of democratization in Vietnam.

Vietnam 'detains prize-winning publisher' 03 May 2011 Written by AFP
Catholics, arrested for supporting Cu Huy Ha Vu, released 15 April 2011 Written by Emily Nguyen
Hanoi Catholics arrested and beaten for wanting to follow Cu Huy Vu trial 06 April 2011 Written by J.B. An Dang
Vietnam dissident's attorneys file complaint 06 April 2011 Written by AP NEWS
VIETNAM: Religious persecution intensifies, study says 31 March 2011 Written by
The Khmer-Krom Prisoners of Conscience 23 February 2011 Written by
Two Evangelists in Vietnam Sentenced to Prison 01 December 2010 Written by
BPSOS Welcomes Introduction of Bills to Sanction Individual Human Rights Violators... 23 November 2010 Written by BPSOS
Cao Introduces Vietnam Democracy Promotion Act of 2010 22 November 2010
Senate and House Introduce Bills to Sanction Individuals for Ongoing Human Rights Abuses in Vietnam 22 November 2010
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