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Vietnam Pro-Democracy News

Selected news about the process of democratization in Vietnam.

US diplomat urges Vietnam to improve human rights 04 February 2012 Written by AP News
US hears about more rights violations (in VN) 25 January 2012 Written by
Vietnam: Systematic Crackdown on Human Rights 24 January 2012 Written by Human Rights Watch
US Steps Up Pressure on Vietnam Over Human Rights 23 January 2012 Written by Ron Corben | Bangkok
Vietnam’s U.S. Arms Wishlist Hinges on Human Rights, McCain Says 21 January 2012 Written by Daniel Ten Kate
Vietnam: Release Hoa Hao Buddhist Activist 12 December 2011 Written by Human Rights Watch
Clinton sees signs of opening in Myanmar 02 December 2011 Written by CNN News
Vietnam cuts jail term of French-Vietnamese blogger 30 November 2011 Written by AFP News
Vietnam: Overturn Democracy Activist’s Sentence 29 November 2011 Written by
Buddhist leader Thich Quang Do's open Letter to VCP Secretary-general Nguyen Phu Trong 19 November 2011 Written by IBIB
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