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Selected news about the process of democratization in Vietnam.

ASEAN: Ensure Declaration Meets Rights Standards 13 July 2012 Written by
Freedom for Vietnamese Bloggers 04 July 2012
Populist Party Delegation visited the National League for Democracy in Myanmar 14 June 2012
Human Rights Still Suffer In Vietnam 03 May 2012 Written by VOA News
Human rights activist detained in Vietnam on 'terrorism' charge 30 April 2012 Written by CNN
Australia: Urge Human Rights Improvements in Vietnam 25 April 2012 Written by
As US and Vietnam get closer, human rights concerns grow 25 April 2012
Petition of the VIETNAMESE-AMERICAN COMMUNITY OF USA to Mr. Obama 10 March 2012
UN to review Vietnam’s efforts to eliminate racial discrimination 23 February 2012 Written by VCHR
Vietnamese Buddhist dissident nominated for 2012 Nobel Peace Prize 09 February 2012 Written by
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